Low-Fidelity Design | Persona | Task Analysis | Storyboard | Interaction Design | Heuristic Evaluation

A design thinking process

I interviewed a developer to understand target customers of Veetouch and wrote personas. I studied multi-touch interaction in Youtube and played a Microsoft surface to gain concepts of a multi-touch table. The development team did not have its information of users, so I assisted them to define its stakeholders and wrote its scenarios and storyboards. I used storyboard to understand the requirements and communicate with the development team because some requirements are sophisticating. There are many interactions between a Veetouch, a mobile phone, and a user. I used hierarchical task analysis to create a simple flow of this complex interaction. I drew many unique designs for each requirement for the client. I did heuristic evaluattion on the old user interface of the Veetouch and gave the development team feedback.